The Castro Theatre e-Calendar

The Castro Theatre has created an electronic calendar — also known as an "e-calendar" — to help film fans stay updated on the latest programming at the theatre. An e-calendar retrieves information from an identical calendar on the Internet and puts it on the calendar program on your computer or mobile device such as an iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other "smart" device.

When you subscribe to an e-calendar, you can tell your calendar how often you want it to automatically pull the latest event information from the online version of the calendar, and update the version on your computer. Any changes that have been made to the online calendar since the last time your computer’s calendar was updated will be automatically added to the version on your computer, so you'll always have the latest information without having to check the Castro Theatre website or other sources.

This is especially useful when the theatre adds or cancels a film or event, changes the screening times, extends the run of a film, or announces a new or different speaker at an event at the theatre.

The Castro Theatre e-calendar works with the calendar programs that most people use — including Apple's iCal, Google's Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Sunbird, Linux KOrganizer, Novell Evolution, Windows Calendar, and Yahoo's Upcoming website. It uses the Internet Calendar and Scheduling (or .ICS) file format that those programs recognize.

To subscribe to the Castro Theatre e-calendar, right-click (control-click) on this link to copy the address and paste it into Google calendar, Apple's iCalendar, or other calendar programs."

If you want to subscribe using an existing online calendar (such as Google calendar), right-click on the link above and then copy and paste the address for the Castro Theatre’s e-calendar into the appropriate field in the online form for that calendar. (For Google calendar, it's in the "Other calendars" section on the left, where it says "Add" at the bottom.)

If you have an problems or questions relating to the Castro Theatre e-calendar, contact the calendar editor at